I think iam getting something wrong

recently i tried to setup my environment using miniconda so,
i download python and django in my environment so, when is started my django project

django-admin startproject myproject

i got this error

Unable to create process using 'C:\Users\Yoga 260.conda\envs\myenv\python.exe “C:\Users\Yoga 260.conda\envs\myenv\Scripts\django-admin-script.py”

how i could solve the issue

@abuteir.ahmed Welcome to the Anaconda community Forum!

I am goping to give you a link to a github page that discusses this problem and has some solutions that may work for you.:

If they do not work, please let us know and perhaps @Carlos_Valin , one of our Tech Support Specialist may be able to assist.


Kim - Anaconda User Care Manager

Good morning,

Thank you so much for contacting us, the error is caused due to a lack of permissions into the anaconda3 folder, you can solve your problem by granting permissions to that folder or with the following steps:

  • It is recommended that you install for Just Me, which will install Anaconda Distribution to just the current user account.
  • Change the directory where Anaconda was being installed (formerly C:\Users\USERNAME\anaconda3, and leave it as C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\anaconda3)
  • Change the AppData\Local attributes, taking out the only-read mark in its properties
  • Open Anaconda for the first time, it will ask for Admin permissions to open it for the first time. After that, there is no need for Admin permissions to open it anymore.

Let us know if that fixed your problems, if not please send us any screenshots that could be helpful to help you better.