How to import Tulipy

I am new to Anaconda. I have been able to figure out how to import all but one of the libraries I need. I need to import Tulipy (tulipy · PyPI), but I am not sure of the steps required to do this task. Can anyone help?
Thank you!

Hi! There isn’t a conda package for Tulipy, but you can try to install it in your environment by running this at the command line:

pip install tulipy

Depending on your operating system, this might attempt to build Tulipy from source code, which may or may not work depending on whether you have a compiler available on your system. (Unfortunately, it seems this package is no longer actively maintained by the author.)

Also Cython seems to be a requirement but it is not listed in the file.

I did a bit more digging, and there seems to be a fork of tulipy by another individual who has built wheels for more environments. You should take a look at the newtulipy package: newtulipy · PyPI

Thank you! I will. I might look into updating the package for the latest Python release and Anaconda.