Package installation

Ich habe anaconda installiert und mit conda cairo nachinstalliert. Wenn ich spyder starte, und ein script starte, daß cairo importier kommt die Fehlermeldung ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘cairo’.
Wieso? In der Vergangenheit hatte ich keine Probleme dieser Art mit Vorgängerversionen von anaconda.
Kann mir jemand helfen?

Try installing pycairo.

conda install pycairo

Cairo is the backend tool and is written in C. The package pycairo provides the Python bindings and will install cairo as a dependency.

Stephen is right.

Yeah, this happens from time-to-time with compiled libraries where the python binding is in a separate repo. Graphviz has a similar scenario and there are cases where pypi calls the python binding package by the name of the compiled library because pypi does not provide the library. In Conda we provide both the library and bindings and they cannot have the same name so you get things like python-<library> and <library> as separate packages. It becomes confusing when the python binding declares import <library> since the import statement does not match the name of the thing that you have to install with your package manager to make the import work.