Honey Badgers Community Contribution Awards!

Hello all,

We are pleased to announce the new Honey Badger Awards program in the Anaconda Nucleus Community Forum. This award recognizes community members who have been especially active and helpful in this forum. Their contributions (and yours!) make this forum a useful hub for questions and information about data science.

The awardees for the first 6 months (through May 31) of the Nucleus forum are:


Each Honey Badger receives the prestigious (because we say it is) Honey Badger badge, and (and!) gets Honey Badger Flair displayed with their avatar, and gets a PDF certificate suitable for framing!

Going forward we will announce new Honey Badgers every month. We hope to see your name here too.

Please give a warm “Thank You!” to these folks, and to anyone who has ever posted a question, response, news item, like, or anything else here. Hopefully anyone includes you too. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, for helping make this forum a useful resource.

Dave C


YES! Love these cute badges! (Honey Badgers are cute right? I was told not to check YouTube.) Congrats to our first round of winners!

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