Community Forum Contribution Awards for 2022: Honey Badgers, Narwals, Pegasus, and a Unicorn too

Community forums like this only work because of you. You take the time and make the effort to ask and answer questions, make announcements, and participate in discussions.

This forum has been online for a year and during that time you have made this a vibrant and welcoming community. In the process, you have also created a searchable knowledgebase that is a permanent resource for this community. We thank you, and your community thanks you.

Throughout 2022 we recognized community members who were especially active and helpful. These folks recwived the (dare we say?) prestigious Honey Badger Award to recognize and highlight their contribution.

At the start of 2023 we are recognizing people who made exceptional contributions throughout the year. We have created several new awards that reflect the truly amazing levels of contribution that you have made to this site.

About the year-end awards

All awardees receive badges in the forum, and have flair added to their forum avatar. Awardees also recieve a thank you gift from Anaconda as a token of appreciation. During 2022 this was an Amazon gift certificate. With these year end awards we added another option: Complimentary Anaconda Pro or Anaconda Starter tier subscriptions for 2 to 12 months, depending on the award level and tier chosen.

Announcing the Anaconda Nucleus Community Forum Contribution Awards for 2022

The 2022 Honey Badger Awardees!

First, we are pleased to announce two new Honey Badgers for 2022. These year-end awards reflect contributions spread across multiple months, rather than during a specific window. We now have 21 Honey Badgers:

Honey Badgers receive 2 months of Pro Tier ($30), or 3 months of Starter Tier ($27), or a $25 Amazon gift certificate. Please join us in thanking our Honey Badgers for their contributions in 2022!

The 2022 Narwhal Awardees!

We are pleased to announce the new Narwhal Award for community members that made outstanding contributors over an extended period of time last year. Narwals are a step up from Honey Badgers. Please join us in thanking our 5 inaugural Narwal awardees for 2022!

These folks help, and then they help again. If we awarded Honey Badger badges more than once then all of these folks would have their own cete of Honey Badger awards.

Narwhals get their choice of 4 months of Pro Tier ($60), 6 months of Starter Tier ($54), or a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

The 2022 Pegasus Awardee!

We didn’t really expect to give out anything beyond Narwhal awards at the end of the year. (The bar for those is relatively high.) But when we looked at annual contributions, we saw that this person had clearly flown above and beyond Narwhal levels of contribution. Please join us in thanking our lone Pegasus awardee for 2022:

John is remarkable, posting over 80 replies in threads created by others, giving almost 100 likes, and receiving almost 100 likes as well.

Pegasus get their choice of 6 months of Pro Tier ($90), 9 months of Starter Tier ($81), or a $75 Amazon gift certificate.

2022 Unicorn Awardee!

We didn’t really expect to give out anything beyond … OK, you can see where this is going. In 2022 we had one contributor who posted almost 300 replies to other people’s posts, and liked almost 500 posts from others. Please join us in thanking our sole Unicorn awardee for 2022:

No one else came close.

Unicorns get their choice of 8 months of Pro Tier ($120), 12 months of Starter Tier ($108), or a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

We will continue the awards program in 2023. Who knows – maybe we will need to come up additional animals. :slight_smile:

Hope to see you online and participating in 2023!