FileNotFound error when using Conda

I am trying to use conda pack to generate a gz package.

and after i run conda pack -f -o dist/0.0.1-7eeb36b.tar.gz

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/tmp/tmpvk5nu6_a’ → ‘dist/0.0.1-7eeb36b.tar.gz’

i used conda install -y -c conda-forge mamba mamba env create -n conda_env -f scripts/conda_environment.yaml to create my conda environment, then i want to package it (conda_environment.yaml file contains some basica python packages, such as boto3)

Can anyone help me understand this? Thank you.


Have you since resolved this issue?

The root problem for this kind of error could be that you don’t have write permissions to the system ‘/tmp’ folder. You should make sure that you have write permissions to this folder, as a lot of programs make use of this.