Course Lesson Access

Hi there! I signed up for the starter tier and I can’t access the videos Like Data visualization etc. Does this tier not cover those classes? I see the system is updating etc. thank you.


Yes, it does include many courses. The live courses are not included, but Data Visualization is.

Try logging out of your account and closing any open windows/tabs that you have where you are/were logged in.

Then, either clear your cookies and cache or use an incognito window to login to your account. Click on the Courses tab on the top navigation bar and it will bring you to the learning platform. Please let us know if after doing this you are still not able to access the courses.



Thank you for your reply. Will the next Tier up give access to all of the courses? I will have fun with all of the ones included but just curious after that. Thank you very much.

Hello again!

I have asked our Learning Platform Team this question and I will update you as soon as I hear from them.



I confirmed with the Education Director that all the courses that are free to you on Starter are the same as the ones that are free in Pro. The only ones that are “extra” are the live courses and they require payment no matter what level you are at.