Cannot access Intro to Python Programming learning course

I have just signed up for and paid for the Starter plan to get access to the Introduction to Python Programming learning course, but when I click on the “Get Access” button on the page, the same page only keeps on reloading, and I cannot access the contents of the course.
I am running Safari on MacOS, and I have configured Safari to allow pop-ups on the Anaconda sites.
How do I get access to the course?

Hi there,
Thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into this now and will get right back to you!

Hi again, we’re having a hard time re-creating this issue. Can you share a screenshot of the page that keeps reloading here, or by email to Thanks!

Hi, I found out that the issue was I did not have two hyphens in the flag (I was adding one). Can you see my reply previously on this thread?
Another question: Since I am just starting with Python, I assume that it is alright to start with the standard Anaconda Notebook without adding any packages. Is this assumption correct?
Thank you!
Paul Denlinger

Using Anaconda Notebooks, there are a few packages to install in some of the later modules. You will need to install ipykernel, rich, chime, and schedule from the conda-forge channel.

To install and use new packages from conda-forge in Anaconda Notebooks:

  1. Launch the terminal

Open the terminal from the Anaconda Notebooks launcher.

  1. Create and activate a new environment

conda create -n NEW_ENV_NAME python=3.9

conda activate NEW_ENV_NAME

  1. Add channel to your environment

conda config –add channels conda-forge

  1. Install packages to your environment

conda install ipykernel chime rich schedule

  1. Activate a new kernel from your notebook

Open a notebook file and locate the Kernel menu option. Select Change Kernel from the drop-down menu. Select the kernel with the name of the environment you just created. It should look like ‘.conda-NEW_ENV_NAME.’ Once you’ve selected the kernel, you may use the packages you’ve just installed.