Cannot open nwely created environment in Anaconda-navigator and

After starting anaconda-navigator in anaconda power shell prompt, a error below message shows. What is the error message? I can open anaconda-navigator though, I would like to open it without the message.

I’ve already tried the below though, the issue has reproced.

Troubleshooting — Anaconda Documentation Troubleshooting — Anaconda Documentation

Anaconda version conda 23.5.0

----- the error message---------

QMimeDatabase: Error loading internal MIME data An error has been encountered at line 1 of : Premature end of document.:

Excuse me. I put a wrong title. I modify it to the below.

“What is the error, opening anaconda-navigator? I would like to open it without the error”.


I will give you a list of possible solutions, all of them require you to launch the Anaconda Prompt, you can open it from your start menu.

Quick starting guide:

From the Anaconda Prompt launch this command:

conda update --all

anaconda-navigator --reset


If it still won’t open please send us a screenshot with the output of the Anaconda Prompt, then disable your internet connection and launch Navigator and tell us if it opens, we are happy to assist you.

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Thank you for your help! When I disable the internet connection anaconda-navigator open!