Anaconda installation fails on Mac

fails on Mac
hello, I wanna install anaconda3 on my Mac again.(Used delete it ),but it cannot be set, by the reason: ‘opt/anaconda3’ exists. ‘Chosen path already exists’
I think I deleted it clean ,but I cannot install it again.

please help me
thank you so so so much

Please try to uninstall Anaconda and install it again.

I’m going to leave you the installer here for your platform so that you can install it:

There is the x86 installer as well:

It’s also advisable to completely uninstall Anaconda before proceeding with the installation to make sure to get rid of any errors, you can do that if you follow these instructions:

macOS or Linux

  1. Open your terminal application.
  2. Remove your entire Anaconda directory with rm -rf. Depending on your installation, your anaconda2 or anaconda3 directory will be in your root folder or in your opt folder.

The following are a few examples of how you may need to delete your Anaconda folder

sudo su

rm -rf anaconda3

rm -rf ~/anaconda3

rm -rf ~/opt/anaconda3

rm -rf /opt/anaconda3

  1. Close and reopen your terminal to refresh it. You should no longer see (base) in your terminal prompt.

If you want here is a detailed explanation:

Please let us know if that fixed your problem, we are eager to help you.