`bash: cd: too many arguments` after conda init


I recently installed conda through the Miniforge install method to get both conda and mamba on a Linux x86_64 machine. After running conda init bash or mamba init bash, conda updates my .bashrc. Then after starting a new terminal, I get two instances of bash: cd: too many arguments in my terminal. These errors disappear if I run conda init --reverse, and comes back if I run conda init bash again. So it is definitely being triggered by conda’s additions to my .bashrc.

Anyone have any insight on how to get rid of this issue? I looked in the shell scripts that conda and mamba call in my .bashrc, but none of them contain cd statements. This issue seems pretty benign, I’m not seeing any actual issues with use of conda, but I don’t want something subtle to go wrong.

EDIT: The issue is coming from the call eval "$('/home/abhmul/miniforge3/bin/conda' 'shell.bash' 'hook' 2> /dev/null)"