Anaconda Toolbox & Jupyterlab

I notice that when creating a new env, I only have a tile for Anaconda Toolbox v0.4.0. Installing this also installs Jupyterlab - HOWEVER, it seems to install a version of Jupyterlab v3.6.7.

Now, if I go to package explorer - it shows Jupyterlab as 4.2.0 in description, yet the version is v3.6.7 in the version column with an up arrow showing that an update is available. If I try and update, it says that the latest version is already installed.

The Jupyterlab version (in the notebook itself) is V3.6.7. This is not working for me and I need Jupyterlab v4.2.0 - I can install this directly via conda command line. Why is the default tile forcing v3.6.7?