Anaconda is not getting installed

Extract: hvplot-0.9.2-py311haa95532_0.conda
Extract: _anaconda_depends-2024.02-py311_mkl_1.conda
Setting up the base environment …
Output folder: C:\Users\NIKHIL-PC\anaconda3\pkgs
Extract: env.txt
Output folder: C:\Users\NIKHIL-PC\anaconda3\conda-meta
Extract: history
Installing packages for base, creating shortcuts if necessary…

Downloading and Extracting Packages: …working… done

Downloading and Extracting Packages: …working… done
Preparing transaction: …working… done
Executing transaction: …working… WARNING conda.core.envs_manager:register_env(55): Unable to register environment. Path not writable or missing.
environment location: C:\Users\NIKHIL-PC\anaconda3
registry file: C:\Users\NIKHIL-PC.conda\environments.txt

Windows 64-bit packages of scikit-learn can be accelerated using scikit-learn-intelex.
More details are available here:

For example:

    $ conda install scikit-learn-intelex
    $ python -m sklearnex

ERROR An error occurred while installing package ‘defaults::m2-msys2-runtime-’.