Anaconda installation failing because of a space in file path

I am using a mac (Big Sur, OS 11.6.5)
Years ago, before I knew better, when migrating an old laptop’s contents onto my (then) new laptop, I ended up with a space (" ") in my User name… when i try to install anaconda now per the instructions on the site, it tells me it cannot do that because of this space. It fails.
I have tried installing to my own specified folder…
The first time I tried this it appeared to work and I was able to use the Anaconda GUI and execute conda commands in my mac terminal, but Jupyter would not open and gave me error code 127 with no further explanation.
So I uninstalled and tried a reinstall and now i can’t even see anaconda properly installing on the disk I specify.
I really need help here. I’ve been going down google wormholes for 6 hours now. Please.