Zsh: parse error near `\n'

I have a brand new installation of Anaconda (24.1.2) and am getting the following error:

zsh: parse error near `\n’

when I try to create a virtual environment using “conda create --name ” in the command line.

This started when I tried to update an existing version of Anaconda Navigator and the update was never completing. I tried the following:

conda install anaconda=custom
conda update conda

Then started getting the “zsh: parse error near `\n’” error and still couldn’t update Navigator. So I uninstalled both Navigator and my Anaconda3 distribution and reinstalled the newest Anaconda Distribution (24.1.2) and Navigator is version 2.5.2. But I’m still getting the “zsh: parse error near ‘\n’” error.

I’ve found a few others with similar errors, but not exactly the same. Most of the others show a specific line in the .zshrc file where the error is occurring, but my error is not showing a line.

Any ideas or help with this? I am by no means experienced in this topic, so I don’t even know where to start.

The entire contents of my zsh file is below. At least the only zsh file I can find: