You will need to adjust your conda configuration

I am using Window Home Version 22H2 OS build 19045.3803 Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19053.1000.0 with conda 23.11.0. This popped up after I ran “conda update --all”. When I look for the channel using “conda config --show-sources” this is what returns

"==> C:\Users\medin.condarc <==
channel_priority: strict

I want to completely remove the channel Basketcase32 but replace it with a newly made channel Basketcase23. Even after I check my local C: and find the file where it should be located. I do not see “Basketcase32” and when I ran the “config --remove channels Basketcase32” command it got this “CondaKeyError: ‘channels’: ‘Basketcase32’ is not in the ‘channels’ key of the config file” So am I just chasing my tail for the sakes of the chase. Or am I overlooking a step here? Warning I am a new learner. Any advice is welcomed, and thanks in advance.