Windows register Anaconda Python without re-installing?

The Anaconda installer provides an option to register Anaconda’s python with Windows. This enables things like the Python Launcher py and Visual Studio Code to find that Python installation.

Is there a way to (re)register Anaconda Python without re-installing the whole Anaconda distribution?

I don’t see a repair option in the Anaconda installer. If I try to re-run the installer, it complains that the directory isn’t empty.

Anaconda navigator doesn’t seem to have an option to reinstall a package.

I tried using conda to create a new Python environment. It didn’t register it.

I also tried carefully using conda to force reinstall the base environment’s python with the same version from the current distribution.

Have you tried the following:

1). Remove the ‘anaconda3’ folder and everything underneath it from your computer.
2). Uninstall Anaconda and reinstall it.

I believe that will allow you to do what you want.