Unable to run a library in Jupyter notebook

I am trying to work on a jupyter notebook. I have created a new environment for different projects. The main library I am using here is Greykite from LinkedIn. The installation is done properly but when I start to import the libraries, I am getting a constant error in my system. I have updated my Anaconda. Also, I have tried reinstalling my Anaconda setup multiple times in my system. But when it comes to my colleague’s systems (anaconda is not recently installed again) then the same code is running properly and no issues or errors have been detected while running the same.

I am adding the screenshot of the libraries and the error that I am facing again and again.

Looking forward for urgent response.


Can you please include a screenshot of the error message you are getting?
You already mentioned that other users are not able to reproduce the problem.

Thank you.

Thanks, Sweller. That issue was from The framework side not my the anaconda side.