Throw more light on Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning ,

Hello, I’m new to Python hoping to hone my skills in Data Science, Can someone help to throw more light on Data Science, Data Analytics and Machine Learning the different and job roles, :clap:t6::clap:t6::clap:t5: Thanks!.,

Here is Coursera’s take on the different roles (see link below). I have to add that, in my experience (30 years in data roles) that in many companies/shops, there is significant overlap in data roles. Most of the articles I’ve read lately do consider Data Analyst (closer to the data itself) and Data Scientist (a more global, enterprise-wide view) to be different, with Data Science considered as more senior.

I started out in Computer Operations, and moved up to Database Administration (DBA). The DBA role at that time covered database administration, data analytics and modeling, and the enterprise data environment (i.e., data science). Today, the data world resembles other professional fields; where once a professional could “know it all”, now “specialists” are the norm.

Link for reference only; not an endorsement.

Thanks Sir for this infor!… :clap: