Solving environment: \ Killed

Hi, i tried to install Fastx-Toolkit using bioconda in linux however, it showed the the process was killed.

$ conda install -c bioconda fastx_toolkit
Solving environment: \ Killed

What should i do?

I had a similar issue with $ conda install -c bioconda cooltools
One issue may be that your python version is not compatible.
If you can find the correct python version you would need to create a conda environment with that version: $ conda create -n ENV_NAME python=VERSION
I used $ conda install --no-channel-priority -c bioconda cooltools
and it told me the correct version of python to install, so you might try
$ conda install --no-channel-priority -c fastx_toolkit
Otherwise, try mamba. Go to your base environment and run $ conda install mamba
Then enter your desired environment and run $ mamba install --no-channel-priority -c bioconda fastx_toolkit