Snowflake Python Packages & Libraries

Hi Conda,

I’m starting to use the Conda Python packages and libraries in Snowflake which are amazing.

I’m wondering if anyone can have a look at adding the recordlinkage python package to the Anaconda Snowflake channel?

I have already voted for this as an idea in the Snowflake community but a lot of people have complained that nothing ever gets done over there. I’ve also submitted a support ticket and I’m hoping that someone from Conda may see this and push it along quicker.

recordlinkage is not there atm and I’ve already seen that someone has suggested it to be added on the Snowflake ideas page on Dec 15, 2022 (it currently has the most votes for the Python packages and libraries category).

I’m posting this as a bit of a hail Mary. Hopefully it gets added soon.

Thanks guys