Simple interactive elements example

Can some examples be put that show simple HTML button interaction to create charts and tables, etc? This is for standard data science users.

For example, generate some random numbers for a given distribution type. A simple dropdown (HTML) of 3-4 distributions and a button (HTML) and when clicked, shows the generated random variates using NumPy. Can even show plots using Matplotlib.

I noticed some widgets examples using Panel, but can we not use HTML elements as widgets? From the concept of the project, this will be most straightforward.

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Actually, I explored and kind of figured out some of these. Here is my basic random number generation script running nicely on Github static page :slight_smile:


Can you provide the github source link for reference?

Very cool! Thanks for sharing

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This is really cool! :slight_smile: Has a notebook feel.

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Thanks! I have been through your code and could you please guide us on how pys-onClick works in your button? I couldn’t find anything on Google about it.

thank you~ your script explained a lot for me.