Share a similar vision project: Lively

pyscript is an exciting project! I was deeply touched by the vision described in the article:

create a new way of programming, building, sharing, and deploying applications.

make programming and the web a friendly and hackable place where anyone can create interesting things and still have fun.

The vision descriptions reminded me of Lively is a personal programming kit. It emphasizes liveness, directness and interactivity.

Lively is a project by Dan Ingalls who is a pioneer of object-oriented computer programming and the principal architect, designer and implementer of five generations of Smalltalk environments.

Smalltalk is also one of the spiritual origins of Scratch and they was created by the same group of people.

Since pyscript admires Scratch, it might also be able to learn from Lively’s decade-long exploration, which is why I’m sharing Lively here.

I know pyscript and Lively are different, pyscript is mostly about Python, but they have a similar spiritual core about supporting the creative spirit of a single individual and providing fun.

Looking forward to the imaginative future of pyscript !

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