Rocky 8 linux anaconda installed in root automatically

I am new to rocky 8 linux. The rocky 8 install software automatically installed anaconda into root (system) directories. The installation includes conda and, it appears, a whole base package of files.

As a user (not root), conda runs but asks to create an environment before doing anything. When "conda create -n XXXX) is run as user, it fails because of failed write permissions to the /usr directory.

I don’t wish ro run conda as root. I have anaconda on several other linux’ and it is installed in /home/user directories. All runs fine in these systems as a user.

How do I use a root installed anaconda as a user? Should I remove root anaconda and do new install into user directory? How can I totally remove the root install so it doesn’t interfere with a new user install?

thanks for any ideas. tom kosvic