Query on Miniconda Upgrade

I need to upgrade Minicoda from 4.5.4 to 4.12.0 on the server (internet restricted), had a few questions around it:

  1. If we run the installer for 4.12.0 would users existing settings / configuration be deleted/ overwritten? If yes then what would be the right approach to avoid this.
  2. I see there are 3 condarc files in the current setup / configuration, unsure which one is really needed for the application & users to work without any issue. (2 in D/Miniconda and 1 in D:\Anaconda3\pkgs\conda-4.5.4-py36_0\info\test\tests


Sorry for the late reply on this query…

Users can save their current environment settings for an environment to a yaml file that can be restored , once they upgrade to the new miniconda version:

Use ‘conda env export’ to export the environment to a yaml file. Here is some documentation:

Then use 'conda env create -f <env.yaml>. to restore the yaml file with the environment settings:

The ‘conda info’ command will show which .condarc file is currently in use.