PyScript+THREE on Android browsers: THREEjs mesh position change not showing up

I have some pyscript code that works just fine on all desktop browsers, it does as the last line of the

my_loop = PyScript.loop.create_task(app.my_recurring_action())

with my_recurring_action being:

async def my_recurring_action(self):
    while (True):
        response = await pyfetch(url=f"https://my_app_changes/{time.time()}/", method="GET")
        response_list = await response.json()
        for changed in response_list:
            self.change_it(changed['id'], changed['attrib1'], changed['attrib2'])
        await asyncio.sleep(1)

def change_it(self, id, i, j):
    move_me = self.scene.getObjectById(unit_to_mesh_id[id], True)
    move_me.position.x = i
    move_me.position.z = j

On desktop the threejs object changes its position just fine each second, it refreshes.
On Android (Chrome, Opera, Hermit) nothing happens: triggering the position change from Android works, but the object stays in place on the canvas.

It looks like a performance issue: having changed the code, some (but not all) of the objects’ movement show up on Android.

My change is to have a main:

async def main():
while True:
await app.show_moves()
await asyncio.sleep(1)