No write permissions to ...\Anaconda3

I was following the beginner’s tutorial on Conda creation of specific environments. Then in the command line of Conda, I was asked to update to a more recent version of Anaconda. I followed the conda update … command, and it all went through smoothly until the very end – with an error message about write rights to a directory. I note that I was logged on as Administrator in Windows10 when this happened.
Attached is the error message,

would be grateful for some guidance on how to proceed.


Welcome to the Anaconda Community!

The error indicates that you do not have write permissions to the ‘C:\ProgramData’ folder on your machine. Th easiest way around this problem is to uninstall and reinstall the software, but the second time choose the installation option ‘Just Me’ instead of ‘All Users’. That will install the software under a directory that is writeable by you(‘C:\Users<your_login\anaconda3’).

Many thanks – it is now working. Another “pain point” I have discovered in this process is the annoying persistence of OneDrive in Windows 10. OneDrive creates a “subfolder layer” unbeknownst to most users. I have disabled OneDrive to get all my .py files into the “natural” user path. Thanks again.