Issue with https url for json file

Hi All,
I’ve just recently started using py-script to add some code to a website I’m making. The issue I’m running into is when I try to use the .read_json() function to read in a json file from a website, I get one of two errors.=:

The first error is: FileNotFoundError: File https%3A// does not exist

This, I imagine, is due to me using urllib.parse for the quote() function in order to quote the url and change ‘https:’ to 'https%3A. However if I use the normal link with ‘https:’ I get: urllib.error.URLError: . I’ve put the python code below for people to take a look at. Any help is appreciated!

import pandas as pd
from pyscript import display
from urllib.parse import quote
df = pd.read_json(encodedurl)
df = df.tail(4)
flux = df[‘flux’].to_list()
energy = df[‘energy’].to_list()

for i in range(0, len(flux)):
flux[i] = str(round(flux[i], 3))

for i in range(0, len(flux)):
string.append(flux[i] + energy[i])