Issue install anaconda after mini conda


I have tried to install privateGPT on a windows PC.
The first tuto explain to install anaconda, but I installed miniconda.
When I saw that it was not the good version, I uninstall it, to install anaconda.
I saw many tuto and all are the same, I have to install poetry after Python 3.11.
But at each time, when I enter le command line, I have this error :

No Python at ‘"C:\Users\MYPATH\miniconda3\envs\privateGPT\python.exe’

So, how can I uninstall completly miniconda ?
Or, could I change the script file to avoid miniconda ?

Thanks for your help.
Best regards

The same uninstall instructions should apply to Miniconda as is described for Anaconda here: Uninstalling Anaconda Distribution — Anaconda documentation
Is that how you uninstalled Miniconda? You could also recreate the environment privateGPT from your miniconda3 installation? Here’s a link to the getting started conda documentation: Getting started with conda — conda 24.5.0 documentation