How to install custom packages with PyScript?

Any suggestions on how to make it work with micropip?

  File "/lib/python3.10/site-packages/micropip/", line 286, in add_requirement
    raise ValueError(
ValueError: Couldn't find a pure Python 3 wheel for 'openvino'. You can use `micropip.install(..., keep_going=True)` to get a list of all packages with missing wheels.

    at new_error (pyodide.asm.js:14:238191)
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0xedbcb
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0xf1a0e
    at method_call_trampoline (pyodide.asm.js:14:238105)
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0x134c2c
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0x217a84
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0x174a14
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0x135149
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0x135243
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0x1352e6
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0x1fff83
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0x1f98b5
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0x135329
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0x201f1b
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0x1ff9ff
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0x1f98b5
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0x135329
    at pyodide.asm.wasm:0xf16d8
    at Object.Module.callPyObjectKwargs (pyproxy.gen.ts:360:23)
    at Object.Module.callPyObject (pyproxy.gen.ts:384:17)
    at wrapper (pyodide.asm.js:14:205222)


Check out the Anaconda Engineering blog post about PyScript for an example of how to reference a file / package.

Thanks! Keep the questions coming!

@raymond.lo I meant to post a link directly to the post I mentioned.