Downloading multiple conda-forge packages for OFFLINE use

I work in an organization whose networks are “airgapped” in which the networks are isolated from the outside internet.

I have a request to install a large amount of packages from conda-forge. How can I, as an admin, download the .tar.bz2 files in bulk, with dependencies included, so that I can bring them into the airgapped network?

I have mirrored the main conda repo so that users in the airgapped network are pointing to that repo to create their environments and install the packages they need. However, this does not fix the issue of users requesting packages from conda-forge. I am not able to mirror the entirety of the conda-forge repo, so that is out of the question.

Think of how RPM-based Linux distros can do this with yum: I, as an admin, can download and resolve dependencies using yum, e.g.: yumdownloader --resolve package_name

Is there an equivalent for Anaconda? Can I, given a list of packages, specify conda to download the tar.bz2 files so that I can bring them into my airgapped repo?

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