DOM manipulation with PyScript

This might be one of those “We could do it, but why would we want to” questions (or maybe it has already been addressed, and I missed it), but here goes. I know that PyScript has some limited ability to interact with the DOM without calling JS functions directly, e.g. using Element(‘id’).write() instead of document.getElementByID().write. Is there a way within PyScript to alter CSS? In other words, is there a “pure” PyScript equivalent to:

from js import document
. . .
document.getElementById('id_name").style.backgroundColor = "red"

For fun, I tried Element('id').style.backgroundColor = "red", but it doesn’t work. Does PyScript have this functionality and, if not, are there plans to add it?

Can’t speak to what’s coming next for PyScript, but if you want do something like your second example, the syntax is:

Element('id') = 'red'

The PyScript Element class has an attribute element which represents the actual DOM element. (See

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Of course. I guess if I had actually explored the Element class a little more I could have figured it out. As always, thanks for the help.