Configuration of Windows clients


We’ve installed the latest version of Anaconda Server and are currently configuring the Windows-based clients, which we intend to deploy via SCCM batch script. Here’s what we want to achieve:

  • System-based install
  • Lock it down so that users cannot connect to ANY repos other than ones that we’re hosting internally on our Anaconda Server
  • Users to have no Modify permissions on the system-based .condarc file (and be unable to use their own .condarc file to override the system-based file, e.g. by setting a proxy server)
  • Set it so that, for each user that may log in to that machine, that their default environment is created in their own user profile (rather than in C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\envs), so I guess using some of %USERPROFILE% variable or similar. I want it so that the users don’t need to actually do anything in order to achieve this.

Is that all doable?

Thanks for any advice.

Hello, any ideas on how/whether I can achieve the above?