Compatibility Dataframe_image and Chrome


I have issues with my version of dataframe_image (v0.1.1) and have the following error message when I try to use dataframe_image.export() to a png :
SyntaxError: not a PNG file

I have found this post to fix the issu, it is apparently related to a release of Chrome : python - Error exporting styled dataframes to image, "SyntaxError: not a PNG file" using dataframe_image - Stack Overflow.

I use conda as my environment and package manager and I am unable to download dataframe_image v.0.1.5 since the most updated version I have found was the (v0.1.1).

Do you know how I could install this upgrade?

Thank you for your help!


You can install the package from ‘conda-forge’ channel:
conda config --add_channels conda-forge
conda create -n dfimage dataframe_image

See here for more information on the package: