Can't install Anaconda on MBP M3

I got a new MBP M3 Pro, just to find out the current anaconda distro is not compatible with M3.

Anyone has any idea when it will get released to support M3? In the mean time, what are my alternatives?

hi, did you manage to find an alternative? I’m having the same problem …

M2 Max can’t install too.My mac os version is 14.1.1

This is definitely NOT a problem with the installer being incompatible with the new Mac’s - despite the error message you are receiving… The installer fails for some people due to the fact that it tries to install to a location for which it has insufficient permissions. We are working on fixing this in a future installer.

You need to make sure that the ‘Destination Select Page’ appears during the install and choose ‘Install for Me Only’.

This is discussed in our online documentation here:

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The key is to select the option ‘Change Install Location’ in the dialog that appears.

Yes, I was finding the solution whole night long but eventually there is no error for me to install to my M3 Pro.