Can't download anaconda, say violating terms of service

Hello @shaoran - it was an internal settings issue that was recently changed, that we now have fixed after realizing it was affecting users that it should not have been. Thanks for alerting us!


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I am specifically tagging everyone who replied to this thread to make sure that you have seen the response from @JackEvans that the rate limiting issue has been resolved.

Please check and get back to us if you are still experiencing rate limiting (some of you already have confirmed that it is working correctly, now, thank you! And our apologies for the inconvenience. If you created an a separate “” ticket, I will respond via the ticket as well.):


Yes I believe the issue has been resolved now, but I’ll let @Kimberly confirm with everyone that raised tickets before closing out here.

If you are still having problems, then please email

Thanks all for your patience!

Also, here is a link to our status page with more info:

You can also subscribe to Anaconda status page updates at this page, if you like.


Hi , I am unable to install Anaconda due to the same error . I am based in US .

“reason”: “terms of service limit exceeded”,
“message”: “It has been determined that you are in violation of the Anaconda terms of service, and may not be licensed for usage.”