Anaconda won't open

since i tried installing R and anaconda won’t open i tried deleting and adding PATH, unistalling anaconda deleting it’s system and user variables and installing it again i tried some command on cmd
and still can’t open it and when i tried updating it from Anaconda Powershell Prompt it wrote this


It is not clear what problem you are encountering when you attempt to open anaconda after installing R - are you opening R using Rstudio?

You can install Rstudio in anaconda as follows:

conda install -c r rstudio

Thamk you for your reply
I don’t need anymore R in anaconda
I want anaconda to open and used it as before
As I said anaconda (anaconda or anaconda prompt) both won’t open I tried reinstalling, deleting system variables, deleting old PATH and still anaconda won’t open