Anaconda path on M1 Mac - should it be in "opt" folder?

Very much a newbie to all this. I see posts referring to Anaconda being install in the opt folder (which is at the main level path along with my System and Users folders). When I make all files visible using Terminal, I see that my opt folder has my Homebrew folder only. My Anaconda3 folder install landed in my main Users>username folder. Is that ok? Should it be in opt or doesn’t it matter? Should I remove all my Homebrew stuff or will Anaconda just do its own thing in each Anaconda environment? Will anything like PIP or PyCharm already installed interfere with all this? Probably foolish questions but I want to start fresh with Anaconda since it seems the best organized approach to my beginner’s learning and practicing.


Your install in the ‘’ folder will work fine. anaconda has two install options, a ‘system-wide’ install or a ‘per-user’ install(installs to Users folder). Having homebrew is also fine. If you are using ‘pip’ you need to be careful as it will not keep track of package dependencies like conda does, which can lead to problems installing packages.

The main thing to keep in mind is to always use separate conda environments for installs using ‘pip’ and ‘conda’.

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