Want to launch python programs without "$ conda activate"

Hi Forum,

To launch the IDE Spyder I first have to launch Anaconda-navigator, and to launch it I need to issue the command

$ conda activate

which changes the prompt a bit. My concern is that in the future I wish to launch the python program without first doing $ conda activate so my question is can I do what $ conda activate in some other way? When I try to launch the program without $ conda activate it complains that the package “serial” is not installed, whereas it runs fine with $ conda activate. Can I add a pointer to the package somehow?

I am going to run the python program on a small platform, an SBC, and I am not a fan of doing $ conda activate, I wish to just run my little python program while starting as little other things as possible. Indeed, I only have python installed on the SBC, not the full Anaconda.

Kindest regards