Video colourisation Colab on local machine...How to ? I'm the Goob all Code Geeks Hate....with a passion

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Peter Vasic

11:43 AM (9 hours ago)

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Hi to this amazing world of coders, computer programmers, software developers, A.I. Aaicionados.

I am an artist, with absolutely no mental capacity for any form of Code Tech…nothing. :frowning:
I’m effectively the equivalent of the fish in your office fish bowl, when it comes to this world of tech.

I’m trying to find a way to be able to run a colourisation Colab on my own machine; or outside of the current format, which only allows for very slow and limited uploads.

I dont even know if my terminology is correct ( Apologies): Or if I am even asking the correct question.

Also ,when I say trying to find a way, that basically means, I am drowning and need help from a benevolent, knowledgeable, interested, kind, considerate understander of this foreign concept to me.

The Colab is for a colourisation program that was developed by Jason Antic and Friends, which they suggest to run externally if you have the machine and software if you want.

Here is the link: Google Colab

Is there a way to use this, without enormous…(or even minimal investment ), I’m not trying to be cheap, I just am broke :frowning:

Any advice would be gratefully accepted and perhaps if a resolution could be found I can repay with some of my art.

Kindest regards

Peter (Old guy shaking fist at cloud)