Using pgame in pyscript


do anyone use pyscript together with pygame?

Best regards Hebi


dear hebi

Pygame needs a lot of computing speed, right?
The trouble is that you have to increase the power of’s cloud server by 10 to 100 times … Maybe it will be a boring game, right?

To solve this problem,

  1. To be able to install on the local server (solved)
  2. To be able to drive powerful arithmetic units such as GPU (currently in progress, various drivers are under development)
  3. Configure a library that game developers will want to use (this is owned by the game vendor)

That’s right.

A toast for the future that is about to begin.

Regards, you.

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It’s not quite what you asked, but you may want to take a look at various links here:

They’re using wasm to get pygame working on the web


If you want to follow along with development take a look here: pygame for web browser · Issue #718 · pygame/pygame · GitHub