Using Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) to forecast Air Temperature

I have Mean monthly maximum temperature datas from 30 years (360 datas). I would like to have a python script that will allow me to use an Artificial Neural Network(ANN) especially MLP to forecast Air Temperature. Please Find here a picture about the datas. Thank you to help me finding solution about that subject .

This is not the sort of problem for which I would use a Neural Network Solution.
You should be able to use a time series-based ARIMA model for this sort of thing.

You can use the python library ‘statmodels’ to fit this kind of model.

Here is a website that has some sample code:

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Thank you so much. But the topic recommend to use Artificial Neural Network.

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Here is the URL of Nature’s treatise site, which deals with such models in general.

Also, MLP is feasible with Keras and PyTorch, but the URL of PyTorch is shown below.

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How can we import data from Excel (.xlsx) to python please?

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I will present StackOverflow which describes how to import an xls file using python.

Sometimes troubles occur by using only the import statement easily and easily, so please refer to the explanation of how to avoid the troubles at the same time.

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