Using installed packages from environment in VS code

Every time I install a new package unless I don’t manually copy paste the .dll files in C:\Users(Username)\Anaconda3\envs(env name)\DLLs VS code throws an error saying DLL load failed while importing (some DLL file): The specified module could not be found.
However, upon compiling the code from Anaconda terminal it just runs fine :roll_eyes:

Is there any way out?
Thanks in advance for helping me out :slight_smile:

Hi @adityagholkar !

I think I’ve already got this kind of error and that it was due to the conda environment not being activated in the integrated terminal of VS Code. I’d recommend you have a look at this guide about working with environments provided by VS Code.

If you still encounter some issues, don’t hesitate to share more details like the exact error message that you get, your configuration, etc.

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