Updated Airgapped Tarball Availability

My team heavily utilizes the airgapped repository system for our development. We’ve noticed that the latest tarball available is 3 months out of date. Would we be able to get a more recent tarball pushed for us to use?


To follow up on this, we’ve seen more recent versions of pyarrow, fastparquet, and airflow available in the main channel that have not been updated recently in the tarball system.

Probably the tarballs coincide with full releases of Anaconda Individual (the big downloadable installer). Maybe someone will reply here to say how to create your own; I wouldn’t be surprised if this a feature that the (paid) Anaconda Server product enables.

My understanding was that they were working to have a monthly release cadence for these.

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for reaching out here, and for reaching out via the Support portal. We’ll be continuing the discussion on the ticket in the portal.
The Server airgap tarballs should be updated on a monthly cadence, so we’ll just need to ensure you have the proper URL.

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Hello Rachael, I appreciate your support in getting the September 2022 tarball released. Would we be able to get an updated January or February airgap tarball created?

Hi Sarah!
We should have this ready by the end of the week.

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Hi Sarah!
I’m happy to confirm the new tarball is now available. Have a great weekend!