Unable to run Anaconda unit tests

Hello! I have been trying to run Anaconda unit tests by following the instructions documented here Testing Anaconda — Anaconda 37.11 documentation (anaconda-installer.readthedocs.io), but I am getting the following error messages when I run the two commands
make -f Makefile.am container-ci
make -f Makefile.am container-ci.

I am running this via Command Prompt on Windows 11, with the master branch of Anaconda 37.11. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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dear Serena_Tang.

nice to meet you.

I think the question you are asking about is the installer for Fedora and RHEL provided by Red Hat, even though Anaconda is Anaconda.

As a matter of fact, you may be mistaken for the exact same name. However, we do not rule out any such questions.

In this case, an example of failing in make build corresponds to the following requirements.

  1. I have not built gmake and gcc using Visual C provided by Microsoft.
  2. I’m not using the windows version of gmake and gcc created by it.
  3. Similarly, using the Mingw environment created by it, the autogen and configure files cannot be generated (in this case, Cmake may be used).

There is a problem.

For more information, ask questions on the Fedora Forum (Fedora Project Wiki) or StackOverFlow (https://stackoverflow.com/) for more specific answers.

Regards, you.

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Hi @ktsh.tanaka.2020,

Thanks for your reply! I realized I was looking at the wrong documentation. I am trying to find a way to test Anaconda’s compatibility with a container I created. Does Anaconda have a test suite of basic verification tests, akin to these test suites for Pandas ( pandas.test — pandas 1.4.3 documentation (pydata.org)) and NumPy ( Testing Guidelines — NumPy v1.23 Manual), and if so, where can I find them?

dear Serena_Tang.

Thank you for your reply.
The basic unit tests are based on the unit tests for each module.
Of course, in the case of Community Version, they are done by the user, and in the case of Professional Version and Enterprise Version, they are used as materials for system configuration based on those results.

Therefore, about the test in your question,

  1. In numpy
    Testing Guidelines — NumPy v1.23 Manual
  2. In panda,
    pandas - How do you Unit Test Python DataFrames - Stack Overflow

I think that will be helpful.

Regards, you.

Hey @ktsh.tanaka.2020,

Awesome, thank you for your help!

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