Unable to import and find the applications and packages that i have explicitly installed through spyder

i have downloaded the tesseract software for ocr. i have setted the path and i have installed the pytesseract too. but i am unable to use the tesseract services in the spyder environment. please accept this request and i really need help.

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Thank you of posting.

First of all, have you read what is written here?

Hint: Old versions of the installer had an option to add Tesseract to the PATH environment variable. That option was disabled by default. If it was enabled and PATH was very long, it could happen that the new PATH was empty. to use that option and disabled it in our latest version.

If you access Tesseract from Spyder or Python, you must access the API with the following content.

The above content describes how to access the C API from Python, but basically both Linux and Windows have the same mechanism. However, since the file corresponding to ‘libtesseract.so’ is a DLL file, where is it? must be specified.

If you have tried those steps and it still doesn’t work, please try posting again.

Regards, you.

Thank you for your reply