Spyder 5.3.3. version on Anaconda 2.3.2


The anaconda 2.3.2 version under Spyder 5.3.3 I am running. Pygame was installed under .local directory with lib under python3.9 is sitting. Pygame is installed under site-packages. Spyder 5.3.3 is not running any Pygame prog but simply displays the Pygame version with SDL version running in my system. But when you exeute examples of Pygame aliens.py it works fine. But when you tried to do the same in Spyder 5.3.3 it does not do anything. Everything is perfect including SDL packages all are installed. Environment on miniconda3 I am running as default instead of base root. Under Environment on miniconda3 Pygame is displaying the installed packages. Tried all the means from internet and even re-installed Pygame but still the problem exists. Any suggestion would help.

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Have you been able to get the update to work for Spyder? Still trying to get it to work and it’s still not working I keep getting the environment error.