Removing an older Anaconda installation

I installed Anaconda Navigator asome time ago. When I went to use it again after a while away, I was prompted to upgrade from 1.19 to 2.1. The “upgrade” option from the Anaconda Navigator screen hung up and never completed.

I installed a completely new 64-bit Anaconda Navigator. That seems to be working. However, I note that the previous installation shows up under the Environment tab.

At some point I selected it and Anaconda Navigator hung up so completely I couldn’t even find the task in the Windows task manager to terminate it and had to reboot.

I’m thinking that it would be best to remove the previous install completely, but I don’t know how to do that.

The previous install is located in the C:\Anaconda directory. don’t recall what I responded to the prompts when installing the earlier version.

The new install is in C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3. For this install, I specified the 64-bit version. I believe I chose “Install for all users” but I’m not certain. (My bad for not documenting that.)

Any assistance in safely removing the previous Anaconda install would be much appreciated. Thanks!

My suggestion would be to use the uninstallers in both folders, and uninstall them both. Of course, it will cost you some time getting your environments set up again, but it is the cleanest option.

If you don’t want that, check this folder: C:\Users\USERNAME\.conda. There should be a text file listing your environments. Remove the lines referring to your old installation. I think that will help getting rid of the old environment in Anaconda Navigator. In addition, check conda info output.

To run conda info, first activate the new environment in CMD. Open CMD, then call C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\Scripts\activate.bat. After this, run conda info.

Or use the Anaconda Prompt (via start menu). However, be careful to select the right one as you will probably have one for each installation. Once opened, run conda info.

If there are no references there, It should be safe to remove the old installation. Best way is to go into C:\Anaconda and run (via CMD) del /f /q /s *.* > NUL (much faster than normal delete).

Finally, to cleanup Anaconda Navigator, you may want to remove C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.anaconda\navigator and C:\Users\ERotteveel\.continuum\anaconda-client.


Thanks so much - this is much appreciated. I did my follow-up (below) shortly after seeing it, but this is my first chance to reply and thank you.

I did first try to just uninstall and clean up after the older version. The results were a bit flaky, so I went back and uninstalled everything. I also removed every directory I could find that the uninstallers didn’t. Then I rebooted before re-installing the latest version.

So far, so good. I can only work on this at intervals when I can devote some focused time, which isn’t as often as I like. But I think I’m now pointed in the right direction.

Thanks again!

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Complete cleanup is often the best way to go :wink: happy to be of help!

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