Random number generator demo

Hi everyone, I made a random number generator using PyScript. It generates a random number between 1 to 100. Nothing fancy, just wanted to test it out.


I’m yet to figure out a way to make the generate new number button work without refreshing the page, but you’re more than welcome to submit a PR to the GitHub repo :slight_smile:

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I tried to create a PR but received a 403.

Here are the changes to make the button work without refreshing the page.

I wrote a number of articles on PyScript. This one covers event callbacks and handlers which I used to modify your code.


Notice the new <div> which holds the output from the generator
<button> was changed to add an “id” so that it can be referenced from Python.

    <h1 style="font-size:30px;">Random Number Generator</h1>
    <py-script src="./generator.py"></py-script>
    <div id="output"></div>
    <button id="generate" class="p-2 text-white bg-blue-600 border border-blue-600 rounded" type="button" >Generate new number</button>
    Check out the source code on <a href="https://github.com/infinitepower18/randomnumber-pyscript"><u>GitHub</u></a>


The function generate() is now triggered by a button click. Since this is a callback function (event handler) you cannot call print(). Output is stored in the <div>

import random
from js import document
from pyodide import create_proxy

def generate(event):
        s = "Your random number is " + str(random.randint(1,100))

        document.getElementById("output").innerHTML = s

document.getElementById("generate").addEventListener("click", create_proxy(generate))
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Thanks a lot! I think GitHub was having an outage when you tried to create the PR.

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