Python animations are not working in the New version

Hi all,

I am Julian Fernando from Australia.

I have Python 3.8 and Spyder 4.2.5 installed in a WIN 10 laptop. I got a new laptop with WIN 11 and I installed Anaconda from the scratch. I now have Spyder 5.5 and Python 3.9.12. I copied some of my Python animations files to the new laptop and then executed. No errors I got when I run the file in the new setup. But animations did not work and also instead of the animation it plotted a still graph and all formatting (font size etc.) are mixed up.

I appreciate if anyone can provide me some light to bring the animations and plots to as it should be.

Thank you in advance!
Best Regard from Australia

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Can you tell us what python library you are using to create the animations and what functions?


Steve Weller

Hi Sweller,

Thank you for the message.

I am using the following libraries:
matplotlib/ pyplot
matplotlib.animation/ FuncAnimation

I don’t get error messages when run the animation file though.

When I installed Anaconda in Windows 11 machine the, the anaconda distribution window is also overly enlarge or something doesn’t look right. And I can not change any setting to make the anaconda window appear normal.
Please find the attached print screen of the the anaconda window.
You can see the on the left side the one of the menu item (above “Documentation”) is half hidden.

Please see the attached print screen.

I have also attached the plot window. It is drawn out of proportion and animation doesn’t work.

Thank you for any suggestions.

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Please see the attached plot window.

Thank you.

Best Regards


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Can you please share the relevant part of your plotting code?
I suspect there is a problem in that part of the code…

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This thread is in the wrong area, as it’s not related to PyScript. Perhaps you can move it or maybe the mods can help?

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